A publication by and for African Youth

Greetings Friends –

We invite you to read The Counter Renaissance – a publication started by African youth in Kenya and in India.

We helped to publish The Counter Renaissance, because we hope to create more spaces for ourselves and for other African youth to think critically and creatively about Africa’s past, present and future. As one step in this direction, we are asking questions and generating dialogues around the themes of development, democracy, enlightenment, progress, rationality, globalization, justice, freedom, collective learning, expression, etc. We think it is vital for African youth to focus on their own experiences and reflective capacities, rather than depending on and reproducing more de-contextualized academic abstractions. As experiences have shown, the latter spawns dependency and kills our inherent re-generative capacities.

We kindly request you to take a print out of The Counter Renaissance and share it freely with African youth and other interested friends. We encourage you to dialogue and reflect on the issues raised, how they manifest in your communities and families, and what you can do to begin to explore them more deeply. Also, please consider writing your perspectives, ideas, and visions and sharing them in The Counter Renaissance. Your contribution can come in the form of an essay, poem, story, cartoon, or whatever you believe captures your expressions.

The Counter Renaissance does not accept money from any governments, corporations or international donor agencies. This publication is based on the goodwill and voluntary initiative of individuals committed to seeing meaningful change in society. For more information on how you can share your views in The Counter Renaissance, or otherwise contribute to it, please contact Charles or Isaac or the Counter Renaissance.

Looking forward to hearing from you –

Charles and Isaac