Life-Affirming Leaders

Berkana Institute

"A leader is one with the power to project either shadow or light onto some part of the world and onto the lives of the people who dwell there."

- Parker Palmer


Life-affirming leaders are those who …

Know they cannot lead alone. No one person is smart enough to know what to do.

Have more faith in people than they do in themselves and patiently and courageously insist on their participation.

Recognize human diversity as a gift and the human spirit as a blessing.

Know that people only support what they create. And only act responsibly for things they care about.

Solve unsolvable problems by bringing new voices into the room.

Continually expand who’s included in decision-making.

Convene and host conversations that really matter.

Know that trust and caring make everything possible.

Offer meaningful work as the greatest motivator.

Freely express gratitude, appreciation, and love.