Internship Description: Founded in September 1998, Shikshantar is a 'jeevan andolan', organic learning community, video and library resource center, and an applied research institute working in the areas of lifelong societal learning and just and balanced living for the 21st century. We seek to engage in transdisciplinary systemic level thinking and practical actions in order to: 1) challenge and dismantle the existing monopoly of factory-schooling; and 2) enable and connect open learning communities that support the generation of new visions of Swaraj. Our notion of "Swaraj" (self-rule; or rather, rule over oneself) as a reflective and transformative process is inspired by Gandhi's Hind Swaraj.

To this end, we are involved in continually collecting, analyzing, contextualizing, synthesizing and sharing the best research on human learning and alternatives to development from around the world. Such research seeks to explore the intersections between: human potential and human learning processes; local knowledge systems and cultural creativity; conscientization and empowerment; appropriation of information and communication technologies; and wisdom, human dignity, spirituality and meaning-making systems. These human learning themes are situated within the larger context of constructing pluralistic and participatory processes for Swaraj.

We apply this research to: experimenting with and documenting new methodologies, policy frameworks and models of education; organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences; publishing a research bulletin (Vimukt Shiksha - Liberating Education) in English and Hindi for practitioners; and developing ourselves as an open learning community. Shikshanatar is based in Udaipur (a small city in Rajasthan of about 500,000 people) with collaborating partners throughout the world. To maintain the autonomy and integrity of our agenda, we do not take any of our core funding from international donor agencies or government bodies.

Shikshantar is offering a 4-month (minimum) internship in Udaipur for Monsoon, Winter, and Summer periods. The internship is geared towards those people who have walked out of institutional education/work environments and are trying to create and explore new kinds of possibilities for their own lives and communities.

Responsibilities: Over the course of the internship, the Intern might be involved with any of the following assignments:

  • visiting innovative projects throughout North India and documenting these in case studies;
  • researching and writing short policy papers on emerging trends, issues and opportunities in education and development;
  • conducting background literature reviews for future projects or for issues of our research bulletin;
  • preparing learning materials and running thematic workshops for teachers, parents, students, policymakers;
  • carrying out research to further develop certain thematic aspects of our World Wide Web site;
  • participating in open community meetings.

A specific Scope of Work will be developed (first via email and then on-site in Udaipur) with the Intern, based on his/her background and interests as well as on the current needs of Shikshantar and its partners.


  • Should have a strong interest in understanding processes of societal learning;
  • Should have strong communication and researching skills;
  • Should be self-motivated and have a strong interest in exploring and learning about Udaipur, Mewar;
  • Should have some previous experience working and/or living in a developing country;
  • Should know at least one practical and/or artistic skill with one's hands.

Logistical Details: Shikshantar will provide the Intern with lodging and a stipend of Rs.1000.

Application Process: Potential interns are asked to submit a copy (by email, fax or post) of their portfolio or latest CV, a short statement of research interests, and a letter of recommendation from a colleague, mentor, peer -- anyone who can share a detailed reflection on your strengths, talents, interests and questions.


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