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  • The Intercontinental Conference of Peoples' Global Action will be held in Haridwar, Uttaranchal, from October 5-12, 2005. Various peoples' struggles will be addressed. Visit www.agp.org and www.pgaconference.org for more information.
  • "Sharing Creativity - Celebrating Community", the Van Utsav Forest Festival will be held from October 12-17, in Van Vadi, Vaara, Maharashtra (between Mumbai and Pune). Friends of the Swapathgami Network, Families Learning Together, as well as others interested in land-based communities will spend a week together in the forest, living with the land and sharing strengths and questions. Contact Bharat Mansata <bharatmansata@yahoo.com> to learn more.
  • Abhivyakti Media for Development will be hosting a Group Media Skills workshop from October 18-25, 2005, in Nashik, Maharashtra. Learn how to make and use different low-cost group media like chalk talk, finger puppets, flannel stories, flashcards, masks and more. Contact Sujata Babar <abhivyakti@sancharnet.in> to register your participation.
  • From October 25-31, the Swapathgami Network will be hosting a cycle journey in southern Rajasthan. 250 km in six days and no money! Contact Shammi Nanda <shammi_nanda@yahoo.com> to learn how you can join the adventure.
  • From November 11-12, 2005, in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Tarun Bharat Sangh will be hosting a national gathering for water activists and all others interested in water issues, groundwater depletion and the privatization of water. Contact Rajendra Singh <jalbiradari@rediffmail.com> or <watermantbs@yahoo.com> for more information.
  • OurMedia / NuestrosMedios will be hosting its fifth international conference from December 5-9, 2005, in Bangalore, Karnataka. This year's specific focus is on community and grassroots communications for social change and current models and experiences in community participation and advocacy on media and ICT in the region will be showcased. Visit http://www.ourmedianet.org for more information.

  • Check out the Multiworld bulletin, Kamiriithu, on-line at www.multiworld.org.  Order your subscription on-line today!
  • Imagine Chicago released a 'possibility publication' in conjunction with its 10th anniversary. Download "Imagination in Action" from their website for conceptual frameworks, stories, tools and resources on how to start on imagine project or movement in your city.
  • EDucate! is the quarterly bulletin of the Sindh Education Foundation, Karachi, Pakistan. It is dedicated to "challenging ethically, morally and intellectually the inequalities in the existing paradigms of education and development in order to liberate peoples' thoughts and actions."
  • Edu-Care, the newsletter of the Center for Learning (CFL), Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is now available on the web. It shares CFL's experiences and ideas about how to evolve socially just lifestyles and perspectives, which genuinely respect cultural and biological diversity and which bring out the best in ourselves as individuals and as collectives.
  • Check out the Journal of Futures Studies on-line, for the latest ideas of futurists, on a variety of issues, from around the world.
  • The latest issue of TechKnowLogia on "Technologies for All - Issues of Equity" (July - September 2002) is available on-line.  TechKnowLogia is published bimonthly by Knowledge Enterprise, Inc., in collaboration with UNESCO, OECD and GIIC. It provides policy makers, strategists, practitioners and technologists at the local, national and global levels with a strategic forum to share policies, strategies, experiences and tools in harnessing technologies for knowledge dissemination, effective learning, and efficient education services. It also reviews systematically the latest systems and products of technologies of today, and peeks into the world of tomorrow.
  • Humanscape, a publication of the Foundation for Humanisation, is dedicated to airing and sharing issues central to human existence.  Find news, features, information about voluntary organizations, back issues, and the current issue of the magazine (June 2002 examines the potential of using wastelands as a resource).
  • "Tracking the Ecological Overshoot of the Human Economy" is the latest paper by Redefining Progress, a nonpartisan public policy organization that creates policies and tools to encourage accurate market prices, preserve our common assets, and foster social and economic sustainability.  The study, which compares humanity's demand on the environment to the earth's supply of bioproductive areas over the past 40 years, documents that in 1999 we were using the planet 20 percent faster than it can regenerate itself.   

  • Multiworld is a new initiative launched by people from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Aotearoa.  It is dedicated to nurturing and protecting intellectual creativity and diversity, and is determined to actively fight the influence and spread of the debilitating and homogenising institutions of the West.  They have recently put together an excellent reading list on decolonizing knowledge. Multiworld's projects include dismantling the institution of factory schooling (Taleemnet), and promoting/connecting organic farming efforts in India (India Organic).

  • Pioneers of Change is an emerging global learning community of young people, from diverse cultural, social, and professional backgrounds.  They seek to develop the commitment, understanding, and network of relationships to create or transform systems, so that these systems may come to in life-affirming ways.
  • Communities of the Future (COTF) is an evolving network of people and organizations throughout the U.S. and other countries that are working in collaboration to develop new concepts of governance, economic development, and education/learning for a fast-paced, interconnected, and increasingly complex society. COTF emphasizes community research and development to create new assumptions, concepts, methods and techniques - transformational change.
  • The Coalition for Self-Learning is a collective of autonomous individuals and groups each working independently but in mutual aid to help one another promote ideas and actions for creating learning communities and their relevance to social change. Its goals and purposes are to envision a world without schools -- a world of cooperative community life-long learning centers as a significant element in the emerging cooperative commonwealth where individuals are honoured and celebrated and where they find a safe place to be, to belong, to learn, and to go on developing in a meaningful way - for them, and for their whole family/community/society.
  • Education Revolution is the website of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO). It shares a variety of stories, advice, links and publications, to stimulate a revolution in education.  AERO seeks to build resources to support self-determined learning processes which reflect the natural genius of everyone.
  • Learning Without Frontiers was a transnational initiative to develop learning communities, that was hosted by UNESCO. Many interesting resources can be found on its site, which has recently been put back on the web.
  • Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) informs, inspires and empowers young people working for a world of social justice, peace, human rights and environmental sanity. Through camps, Youth Jams, organizing manuals, public speaking and a support network for young activists, YES! empowers the next generation to claim its voice and transform our world. 
  • Inspired by the life and work of E.F. Schumacher, Schumacher College was founded in 1991 upon the twin convictions that the worldview, which has dominated Western civilisation, has serious limitations, and that a new vision is needed for human society, its values and its relationship to the earth. Through interdisciplinary studies, the College aims to uncover the roots of the prevailing worldview and to explore the foundations of that new vision.
  • The Commons hosts a number of interesting projects and programs on technology, economy and society, including the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice, which initiated ‘Car-Free’ and ‘Shed Your Car’ Days around the world. It is also supporting the city of Stockholm’s world-wide exceptional sustainable cities program, which is sharing more than 220 innovative in from more than fifty countries in the first week of June.
  • Based in the Phillippines, Popular Education for People's Empowerment, Inc. (PEPE) is dedicated to the promotion of "pop-ed" theories and practices as tools towards people's empowerment. As part of its commitment to human development, PEPE provides "pop-ed" services to a diverse set of people: urban poor, peasants, fisherfolk, professionals, women, indigenous peoples, etc.
  • Learning Development Institute is a transdisciplinary networked learning community devoted to excellence in the development and study of learning. Check out their work on "In Search of the Meaning of Learning."
  • Teachers Without Borders is an organization devoted to global educational change at the high-school level for an information age.

  • Check out the Families Learning Together Network! Find stories and ideas of how you can join a community of creative parenting and family dialogue. Contact Vidhi Jain to learn more!
  • Shikshantar and Abhivyakti invite you to co-create with us a film festival on 'Urban Living'.  We are planning to produce and solicit films on different aspects of what it means today to be living, learning, growing, surviving, shaping, etc., in cities today.... The festival will travel around India early next year.  Contact manish@swaraj.org or abhivyakti@sancharnet.in to learn more!
  • Paths of Unlearning is the latest special issue of Vimukt Shiksha.  Young people from all over the world have been sharing with Shikshantar their stories of unlearning. Nationalism, Technology, Development, Consumerism, Mass Media, and, of course, Schooling are among the dominant institutions / frameworks that they have been questioning and challenging. Check out their stories as well as a number of reflections on unlearning, recently collected from collaborators around the world.
  • In light of events in Gujarat and growing violence worldwide, Shikshantar has prepared an invitation for dialogue, "Facing the Violence," for people all over India and all over the world. It offers not only our understanding of what is provoking this death of humanity, but also concrete ways in which we can begin to counter it, in our communities, in our families and in our selves.
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