How You Can Contribute to Shikshantar Andolan

- Share this website with interested friends.

- Organize a discussion around your favorite articles or essays.

- Distribute our publications to peers, colleagues, family and friends.

- Write to us with your own experiences around unlearning and uplearning.

- Share your favorite books, videos, CDs, films, websites, etc. with us.

- Link to our site from your site.

- Help organize apprenticeships for walkouts-walkons.

- Come and volunteer in Udaipur - farming, cooking, spinning charkha, and much more!

- Make a financial donation to support various aspects of the movement.

- Give us your favorite raw food recipes.

- Tell us your ideas for making different things out of waste materials.

- Let us know how you have been building your own learning web.

(more to come)

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