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sakhi's family newsletter

october 12-17, 2005 at van utsav (invite)

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unschooling story from sarita and ganesh

families learning together newsletter - issue 1

co-learning with kanku : some experiences from 2006 (in english) and (in hindi)

families learning together newsletter - issue 2


Resources for Families
Experimenting in their Homes and Communities


Families Unschoolers Network: support for self-directed learning – www.unschooling.org

Re-cognition: an in-depth look at different paradigms of knowing and re-connecting with natural and authentic learning - www.re-cognition.org

Learning Freely Network: a network of natural learners, unschoolers and other autonomous learners - www.learningfreely.net

Path to Freedom: resources on permaculture, bio-diesel, water recycling, handmade crafts, eco-building, and much more – www.pathtofreedom.com

Birth India: an independent coalition of midwives, doctors, and individuals dedicated to promoting the benefits and best practices related to natural childbirth and maternal health – www.birthindia.org

House of Strauss: resources on conscious parenting; body, mind and spirit unity; nature cure; alternative therapies; etc. – www.houseofstrauss.co.uk

Alfie Kohn: offering ways beyond competition, rewards and punishments – www.alfiekohn.org

Diggers and Dreamers: a guide to communal living, cooperative housing, eco-villages, etc. in the UK - www.diggersanddreamers.org.uk

Self-Sufficient-ish: offers practical ways to approach self-sufficiency in urban areas - www.selfsufficientish.com

John Taylor Gatto: ideas from one of the leading challengers of modern schooling – www.johntaylorgatto.com

Teach Your Own - Pat Farenga - continuing and expanding John Holt's work on Growing without Schooling - www.patfarenga.com and www.holtgws.com and www.learninginourownway.com

Adbusters: critiques of mass media and the market and insights into recovering our creative agency – www.adbusters.org

Living and Raw Foods: recipes, articles, on-line discussions, on natural, uncooked, pure food energy! – www.living-foods.com

Byron Child: articles on conscious parenting and healthy families – www.byronchild.com

Beofen-TV: working on natural ways of living as a family in Israel - www.beofen-tv.co.il/cgi-bin/chiq.pl

The Unschooling Conference:learning happens all the time! - www.unschoolingconference.com

Vaccine Choice: offers information to make intelligent choices - http://www.vaccinechoice.org/

The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning: brings together an international community of scholars exploaring learner-centered democratic approaches as well as self-directed learning - JUAL

Parental Intelligence Newsletter: carries a variety of articles on unschooling and parenting - http://www.parental-intelligence.com

Jindal Nature Cure Institute: features ideas and practices in natureopathy and yoga - http://www.inysonline.org/new-index.html

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: a national coalition working on reclaiming childhood from corporate marketers- www.commercialfreechildhood.org


Could You Live a Year Without Money?

Cell phone dangers for children

The Parenting Taboo - by Michael Mendizza

Creating Learning Communities - by Anna Jahns

Education - Is It Our Right or Responsibility? - by Anna Jahns

Parents as Educators, Learning for Life - by Grace Chapman

Stewarding the Health of Our Children's Learning - by Dr. Eric Hanushek and Dr. Jack P. Shonkoff.

Regaining Sanity - by Anna Jahns

Yellow/Red - by Sammy Kunina

No School Like Home by Jessica Shepherd

40 Reasons Why You Should Never Vaccinate Infants - by Jagannath Chatterjee

Millets: Future of Food and Farming - by Millet Network of India, Deccan Development Society, FIAN

A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure



NorthStar: Self-Directed Learning for Teens - Part 1 and Part 2

The World Is Her Classroom

Nature of Unschooling: Experience Learning

Brooklyn Free School (see also : www.BrooklynFreeSchool.org)

Democratic Schools

On Education

Raising Small Souls

How Others See Us

Disconnect to Connect

Wisdom and Salt Water by Priya Ravi. Parents share their experiences with school and the reasons behind their decisions to take their children out of school.

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