Greenleaf Ratings Press Release - Udaipur Times - February 2011

Welcome to the beautiful Lake City of Udaipur !

Thank you for coming to our wonderful, culturally strong and historic city. It is a one-of-a-kind place in India, and we are HAPPY to have you here!

A few international friends and local citizens, who are part of the Shikshantar movement put together this Greenleaf Ratings system. It has been featured in the Lonely Planet guidebook. We hope it will assist you in making good choices about eco-friendly, zero waste and responsible tourism hotel practices in Udaipur. We know you are here for a short time, so we appreciate your consideration for nature, local people, our city, and yourself.

We originally put together this booklet between March and April 2008, and it has now been updated in February 2011. Things, of course, can and will change further, and so we would love your cooperation to help us to keep these ratings up-to-date for future travelers. If you see that something IS or IS NOT happening in a hotel, please give us a call –(0294) 245-1303 or send us an email –so we can update our on-line and our paper editions.

We also created the Greenleaf Ratings system so that you could dialogue with your hotel manager and staff about what kinds of eco-initiatives you would like to see happen. Everyone has scope for improvement, and your requests and demands will help to make a change! Every little step you can take will make a positive difference.

For example, we are trying to drastically reduce the use of plastic bottled water in our city. Can you help us by encouraging hotels and restaurant owners to put up this refillable water sign? And please carry your own bottle and refill at an RO filter near you. Thank you!

For more inspiration, check out the zero waste tourism work by our friends in Leh, Ladakh. Their ecological guide is a wonderful resource as well. Enjoy and pass it on!

Please feel free to contact us at Shikshantar <> with any questions and concerns. Thank you for caring about our city and about the health of our planet and people. We are grateful and honored to have you as a partner!

Greenleaf Ratings - Top-Ranking Hotels Overall

Greenleaf Ratings - Top-Ranking Budget Hotels

Greenleaf Ratings - Top-Ranking Mid-Range Hotels

Greenleaf Ratings - Top-Ranking High-End Hotels

Greenleaf Ratings - Special Mention Energy Conservation

Greenleaf Ratings - Special Mention Water Conservation

Greenleaf Ratings - Special Mention Celebrating Local Culture

Greenleaf Ratings - Special Mention Promoting Organic Food

Individual hotel listings for:

Amet Haveli

Anjani Hotel

Dream Heaven Hotel

Fateh Garh

Fateh Prakash Place

Hibiscus Guest House

Hotel Baba Palace

Hotel Gangaur Palace

Hotel Lake Ghat

Hotel Lake Star

Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

Jaiwana Haveli

Kankarwa Haveli

Krishna Niwas

Kumbha Palace

Lake Palace (Jag Niwas)

Lake Pichola Hotel

Lal Ghat Guest House

Mahendra Prakash

Mewar Haveli

Nukkad Guest House

Old Jheel Paying Guest House

Pahuna Haveli

Panorama Guest House

Pratap Bhawan

Poonam Haveli

Ram Pratap Palace

Rang Niwas Palace

Shambhu Vilas

Shiv Niwas Palace

Udai Kothi

Udai Niwas Hotel

Udai Vilas

Wonder View Hotel