Greetings from Hunar Ghar

For those of you that haven't already heard about us, Hunar Ghar is
the evolution of a community learning space in the Aravalli hills of
Southern Rajasthan.

We're part of the process of rediscovering the joys of learning,
moving away from the conventional classroom-teacher- curriculum
methods and towards learner-defined discovery/learning spaces, in
which the community take pride in developing their existing skills
and knowledge, complementing this with work that meets their true
needs (sustainable farming, waste management etc...)

Things at Hunar Ghar began in February and we're now looking for
dedicated people to take things forward. We hope to meet people
thinking on a long-term basis, who are actively rethinking rural
education in India/the world, challenging existing systems,
challenging their own assumptions, and are looking for a space in
which, and a community with whom, they can question, explore and
offer meaningful alternatives.

People involved will work in developing/celebrating existing
learning systems working with all age groups and people from the
community, meeting their needs and introducing them to new ideas.
Hunar Ghar is based around a core of about 10 adults and 80
childrenand one of our main challenges is to remove the barriers,
physical and perceived, that limit self development and genuine
community learning.

People looking to get involved should understand the damage of the
national education system, have interests in holistic/integral
learning and living, speak Hindi, and will need to relocate to Hunar
Ghar in Kotra block, Udaipur district.

If what's happening at Hunar Ghar sounds of interest then please
write to us.

With love and anticipation,

The Hunar Ghar team

Contact Person:
Akshay Patel