Scenes from a unlearning workshop on self- and group-expression, through theater and dramatic performance.  This 3-day workshop was held in December 2001, and was facilitated by accomplished our friend, Phillip, an accomplished actor/artist/musician from Germany.




Images from an unlearning workshop on critical media and creative expressions, recently held in Ahimsapuri, Udaipur.  The workshops include a combination of cooperative, team- and trust-building games and media creation, in the form of dances, music, theater, puppets, etc. Above, children (ages 4-14) and Shikshantar volunteers made their own puppets out of waste materials, prepared stories in small groups, built a simple stage out of bricks and cloth, and then performed their puppet shows for everyone.  In the last several months, we have facilitated neighborhood workshops like this one, all around Udaipur, in Bhuvana, Neemach Mata, Neemach Kheda, Ganta Ghar, Sukher, Kharol Colony, and Pulla Aloo Factory.



Another creative expressions workshop, this time in the Fatehpura neighborhood of Udaipur.  Approximately 35 children participated in making books, dolls, toys, etc. out of waste materials.


A team of children, ages 12-14, at the Study School, trying to work out a solution to this team-building, creative game.  They participated in a 30 hour workshop with Shikshantar volunteers on critical media and creative expressions.

Parvez Taj, an intern with Shikshantar, supports Pinky and Lalitha in their camera work, during weeklong workshop on film/video. Youth are working in pairs to learn both how to use the camera, as well as how to construct short films through which to share their stories and ideas.