Nectar is a registered non-profit organization working in the area of creative communication for over all development. At Nectar we are involved with designing and implementing creative, interactive workshop for all. We have our expertise in workshop that covers a vast range of different age groups.

Puppetry in Education

Puppetry is gaining a renewed and well-deserved audience in academic circles.  Educational puppetry has enjoyed profound success and acceptance in recent years. Generations of children have grown up watching state-of-the-art puppetry. As a result, teachers and educators have expressed real interest in developing puppetry as a viable and exciting communication, educational and entertainment medium.

At Nectar, we have our expertise in designing and conducting workshop on Puppetry in Education. The art of puppetry provides an innovative approach to student assessment. Students express what they know about a situation, a character, a piece of literature, an area of science or social studies and most important they express something about themselves. By observing student work with puppets, educators can assess student progress. It provides a powerful tool for assessing student understandings in a positive way,

In this workshop we conduct 7-Days workshop:
-     2-Days training will be given for Puppet Making
-      2-Days training will be given for Puppet Movements
-      3-Days puppet performance will be prepared by the participants

Charges of this Workshop: to be negotiated.

We would be happy to conduct this workshop for your esteemed organization.
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Ravi Mahor