A Yogic Phenomenon

Swami Ram Dev ji Maharaj (affectionately known as Baba Ramdev) has been leading something of a spiritual, self-healing revolution in India.  He has been promoting yoga and pranayama as paths to a healthy and peaceful world.  (Yoga can be broadly defined as an ancient system which unites body, mind and spirit; pranayama consists of controlled breathing and meditation.)  In Baba Ramdev’s words, yoga is “a complete medical science, a philosophy of life, a way of life.”

Over two million people from around India and other parts of the world have participated in his yoga camps, while over 250 million people have been watching him on various TV channels.  The stretching and breathing practices he demonstrates are freely available to all, with the intention that these practices can alleviate the symptoms of, and even cure, various diseases like asthma, obesity, depression, high blood pressure, etc.  His own organization, Divya Yog Mandir, has been actively researching organic agriculture and various ayurvedic medicines. Hundreds of thousands of people have already benefited from his approach. This has made him hugely popular in the subcontinent and abroad.

Baba Ramdev has been speaking out against the unethical businesses of both weapons and allopathic medicines.  He has challenged the hegemony of doctors and the medical establishment and is trying to restore power over one’s health to one’s own hands.

Baba Ramdev believes that yoga and pranayama can offer a solution for the violence we are experiencing on all levels. In healing mind, spirit and body, he feels that many of our modern problems will be eliminated. 

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