‘If you did nothing at all the world could not keep running.  What would the world be without development?’


“Why do you have to develop?  If economic growth rises from 5% to 10%, is happiness going to double?  What’s wrong with a growth rate of 0%?  Isn’t this a rather stable kind of economics?  Could there be anything better than living simply and taking it easy?”


People find something out, learn how it works, and put nature to use, thinking this will be for the good of humankind.  The result of all this, up to now, is that the planet has become polluted, people have become confused, and we have invited in the chaos of modern times.


At this farm we practice ‘do-nothing’ farming and eat wholesome and delicious grains, vegetables, and citrus.  There is meaning and basic satisfaction just in living close to the source of things. Life is song and poetry.


The farmer became too busy when people began to investigate the world and decided that it would be ‘good’ if we did this or did that.  All my research has been in the direction of not doing this or that.  These thirty years have taught me that farmers would have been better off doing almost nothing at all.


The more people do, the more society develops, the more problems arise. The increasing desolation of nature, the exhaustion of resources, the uneasiness and disintegration of the human spirit, all have been brought about by humanity’s trying to accomplish something. Originally there was no reason to progress, and nothing that had to be done. We have come to the point at which there is no other way than to bring about a ‘movement’ not to bring anything about.

- Masanobu Fukuoka

The One-Straw Revolution, 1978