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Table of Contents


Welcome – p. 4-6


Quote from Vaclav Havel – p.7   

“No Boundary” – Juanita Brown – p. 8-10

“India Is Colonizing Itself” (excerpt) – Arundhati Roy – p.11-13  

Manish Jain – p.14-15

Shikshantar Jeevan Andolan – p.16-17

“Healing the Split” - Naveen Kumar - p.18-19

Ken Homer – p. 20-24

“Learning to Be Activated” – Gustavo Esteva – p.25-27


Quote from Paul Goodman – p.28

“Spiritual Activism and Liberation Spirituality: Pathways to Collective Liberation” – Claudia Horowitz and Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey – p.29-34

“Thoughts Before and Beyond Activism” - Motaz Atalla - p.35-39

Buy Nothing Day – p.40

Jackie – p.41-42

“Not So Fast” – Donella Meadows – p.43-44

Challenging Time Poverty – Take Back Your Time – p.45

Dadagiri or Gandhigiri?”Shilpa Jain – p.46-49


Quote from Julia Butterfly Hill – p.50

“Am I an Activist?” – Alicia Pace – p.51-53

“Awakening the Artist and Activist Within” – Nitin Paranjape – p.54-56

Outsider Artist: Nek Chand – p.57-58

Shammi Nanda - p.59-61

Zero Waste Activism – p.61


Quote from Ayi Kwei Armah - p.62

“Then and Now” – Bob Stilger – p.63-69

‘Social Work’ – Krishnamurti – p.70

“In Light of My Experience in Palestine” – Munir Fasheh – p.71-76

“To Hell With Good Intentions” – Ivan Illich – p.77-83

Free Hugs Campaign – p.83

Quote from Masanobu Fukuoka – p.84

“The Price of Limitlessness” – Aaron Falbel – p.85-89

World Car-free Day – p.89

“Living without Oil” – George Monbiot – p.90-92

Slow Food Manifesto – p.93

“The Return to Stewardship” – Rachel Schattman – p.94-96

“Pleasures of Eating” (excerpt) – Wendell Berry – p.97-98



Quote from Jules Dervaes – p.99

“Globalizing Localization” – Helena Norberg-Hodge – p.100-103

Earth Democracy – Navdanya – p.104-105

“Reflecting on Growing Without Schooling” (excerpt) - Pat Farenga and Susannah Sheffer - p.106

“In Search of Sovereign Selves” – Vivek Bhandari and

rough draft of a never-ending process” – Siena Mayers – p.107-112



Sufi Proverb and Pay It Forward - p.113

“Drawing Inspiration from Resistance in Ireland and Beyond” – Rosie Meade – p.114-120

“Days of War, Nights of Love” (excerpt) – Crimethinc – p.121-123

“Citizen Activism Now: Beyond Neo-Conservative Liberalism” – Lisa Aubrey – p.124-129

The Art of Slow Protest – p.130-131

“The Case of Oaxacan Society Uprising” – Sergio Beltran – p.132-136

A Yogic Phenomenon: Baba Ramdev – p.137



Quote from Elisabet Sahtouris – p.138

Debbie Frieze – p.139-141

“76 Reasonable Questions to Ask about any Technology” – Jacques Ellul – p.142-144

TV Turnoff Week – p.144

“700 Years to Go” – Meg Wheatley – p.145-148

Walkout Challenge Day – p.149




Friends from the Berkana Gathering in Oaxaca, Mexico, June 2006

Vanessa Reid – Canada

Tomas AtencioUSA

Karma Ruder – USA


Additional Contributions to the Dialogue:

Nutt and Wisit WangwinyooThailand

Waste – Wendell Berry

"Keeping Quiet" - Pablo Neruda

Why I Don’t Buy A Computer – Wendell Berry

Lines in the Mind - Donella Meadows