Families all over the world are not only choosing to remove their children from schools, but are also trying to remove schooling and its ill-effects from their lives.


Unschooling Movement

In reality, unschooling is simultaneously personal and political. As John Holt said, “Change happens when people change their lives, not just their political parties.” For many people not sending their children to school is a way of saying many things: that school is not necessary to grow up all right in this country; that school’s assumptions about children’s learning, progress, families, needs, professionalism, are not immutable truths; that learning is a natural human function which should not be institutionalized.


I think both unschooling and deschooling are about creating and reclaiming places and events for adults and children of all ages to live and learn together.


- Susannah Sheffer and Pat Farenga,

“Reflecting on Growing Without Schooling”

Vimukt Shiksha 2002