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Walkout Challenge Day

Walking out from an institution, societal norm or dysfunctional mindset usually isn’t easy. Sometimes we find the courage to walk-out because the dysfunction is so great, or because we’re passionate about being the change we want to see in the world. This strength isn’t always there, however; sometimes the desire to walk out exists, but not the confidence and courage to make it happen. A little help is needed, a little encouragement for those of us generating new ways of living.


Walkout Challenge Day is a day when walkouts help each other overcome the fear and/or inertia that’s limited their walk-out/walk-on journey. On April 6, the day M. K. Gandhi defied the British by making his own salt (in 1929), walkouts in several sites throughout the world host a walkout celebration. At each celebration, people can officially ‘walk out’ from something they’ve thus far not had the courage or confidence to reject.


All over India and the world, you can find a growing network of swapathgamis (that is, one who makes his/her own path and walks it). They publish a magazine in Hindi and English, which features stories of walkout-walkon experiences and diverse learning opportunities that do not require much money or certificates/degrees. The magazine, as well as photo essays on their learning gatherings, and more on Walkout Challenge Day, are all available at <www.swaraj.org/shikshantar/walkoutsnetwork.htm>