The ‘Resisting the Culture of Schooling Series’ is dedicated to highlighting various ways in which people are creatively struggling against dehumanizing and exploitative Education and Development/Globalization. It will feature essays, stories, poems, dramas, art, music, etc. in a number of languages (Mewari, Hindi, English). To learn more about or to contribute to the series, please contact us.

What is the Culture of Schooling?

Contributions in the Series:

  • Voices from Mewar – Featuring Dayal Chandra Soni, Baavji Chattur Singhji Maharaj, and the Popular Wisdom of the Mewari People, April 2002
  • The Rhythms of Resistance and Regeneration (two compact discs) – Featuring music by dead prez, Tracy Chapman, U2, Bob Marley, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Pink Floyd, Arrested Development, and more.

    * Copyleft – The Resisting the Culture of Schooling series may be reproduced freely, with all sources acknowledged.

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