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Vimukt Shiksha was created to liberate the vision and understanding of education from factory-schooling, and to develop learning systems that liberate the full potential of human beings. It seeks to stimulate and inspire teachers, practitioners, and policymakers by hosting a trans-disciplinary platform for mutual sharing of innovative visions, ideas, research, resources, and experiences around societal learning.

We welcome and encourage your reactions, questions, suggestions, and support. Vimukt Shiksha is also available in Hindi upon request.

Udaipur as a Learning City



Wheel: Bicycle Powered Machines
Hamo Desi Mela (Udaipur's Organic Market)
TV Turnoff Week
Tai Chi Workshop
Herbal Gardens and Nursery
Rainwater Harvesting
21st Century Artists
Organic Farming in the City of Udaipur
The Spirit of Rakshabandhan
Images of Learning Parks
Seekh Sareera Upajeh...
Kani Ke Re Kagla
Hoonkara De Re Vagla
Rang Bharey Jeevan Mein

Resisting the Culture of Schooling


Families Learning Together (in PDF form)

Swapathgami (in PDF form)

Indian Innovations in Shiksha

Policy Papers and Proposals

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