The Swapathgami Self-Healing Meet will be held from March 15-20, 2012 in Chhatarpur, MP (near Khajuraho). The purpose of this gathering is to recognize the many forms of healing possible, help to regenerate them in our own lives (and potentially families and communities), challenge pharmaceutical companies, with the ultimate aim of being able to take our health into our own hands.

Invited to participate are healers who have been practicing various forms of healing (alternatives to allopathy), such as Herbal Plant-based Healing, Natureopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Pranic Healing,Yoga, Pranayama, Acupressure, Food-based Healing, Urine Therapy, Massage, Panchgavya Healing, Laughter Yoga, Herbal gardens, sun therapy etc.

Also invited to participate are swapathgamis (walkouts-walkons) who are interested in healing themselves and nature. The gathering will Consist of sharing these different forms of healing through practical Workshops and dialogues. We hope it will be an opportunity to expand all of our understanding and practices of self-healing. There will also be space for sharing our other skills and talents in open learning exchanges.

We will also try to create a healthy environment which embodies the principles of self-healing. This means we will live in a community together, clean up after ourselves, help in preparing our own meals (which will consist of healthy food -- local grains, raw and steamed veggies, no oil/dairy products). We will also have opportunities for bodywork daily, including farming, planting an herbal garden, preparing compost, playing cooperative games, singing/dancing, yoga etc.

We would like to focus more on Organic living this year, which includes organic farming, healthy cooking and physical labour.

How to Get There: Chhatarpur is near the old and historic site of Khajuraho, which is 40 km away. To reach Chhatarpur, you can take a train or bus to:

1) Khajuraho Railway Station 40 km buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every 30 minutes.

2) Harpalpur Railway Station - 55 km - buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every hour.

3) Mahoba Railway Station - 50 km - buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every hour.

4) Jhansi Railway Station - 133 km - buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every 1-1.5 hours.

5) Sagar Railway Station - 166 km - buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every two hours.

6) Satna Railway Station - 140 km - buses to Chhatarpur leave the station every hour.

These are the stations closest to Chhatarpur; you can explore routes from Khajuraho if you like.

As with other Swapathgami gatherings, this event happens through participants' own contributions. Each person is asked to cover their own travel to-from Chhatarpur. In addition, for food and accommodation, we are asking each person to contribute Rs.500. If you can give more than this, you can help to support the participation of other people. Scholarships (including for travel) are also available for those who need them. Money should never stand in the way of your participation. Please remember that we can always think together of other ways you can contribute to the gathering.

Please let us know by February 20, 2012, if you would like to be a part of this gathering. We can accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

For more information, please contact us:

1) Sanjoy Damayanti
Gandhi Smarak Bhawan, Near Head Post Office, Chhatarpur (MP)
Phone : 07682-248274 / 99266-58469.

2) Ramawtar Singh
C/O Swapathgami Network, Phone : 0091-97830-65170

3) Manish Jain

With warm regards

Sanjoy Singh & Ramawatar Singh


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