Beautiful or Safe?
Toxic Personal Care

You know your favorite soaps, lotions and cosmetics by heart. But do you know what’s in them?

The average woman applies 168 different chemicals to her face every day. The average man? 85. But of the thousands of chemicals in today’s personal care products, only 11% have been tested for safety.

The Environmental Working Group surveyed thousands of products
and uncovered a number of toxins in everyday cosmetics, including mercury, lead and placenta. They also found that more than a third of all products contained at least one ingredient that’s been linked to cancer. Although the amounts are small, years of exposure can increase the risk.

Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the industry, it may be time for you to monitor your own makeup. As Daniel Evans of Bonne Sante
says, “people need to step in and take care of themselves. They can't rely on the government to look into the ingredients for them.” Luckily, the EWG offers a searchable database that lets you see how safe your favorites really are. If you find yourself in need of new non-toxic beauty supplies, have no fear. Various cosmetic lines have already gone green, many of which you can find in stores and boutiques across Chicago.

Take Bonne Sante and Life Spring for example, both of which carry the Aubrey Organics line. Or try Iredale Mineral
cosmetics available at Skin One. Each of these stores has people on the floor eager to answer your questions about greener alternatives.

So why not go for brains and beauty? Look for non-toxic products for your personal and beauty care.

Learn more about the toxins in beauty products at the EWG’s Skin Deep
site. To see how the non-for-profit rated your favorite lotions, cosmetics and soaps, click here.
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