Welcome to TV Turnoff Week!

For the last three years, we have been celebrating TV Turnoff Week.  One of the main reasons for celebrating is to put our TV-watching time to better use, to give ourselves time to learn and do interesting and new activities.

TV has made us like slaves --

What it shows us, we believe is Truth.

What it sells us, we want to buy.

What it tells us to think, we think -- about the world, about ourselves, about everything. 

If it presents George Bush as a 'smart' leader, then we think it is true. 

If it shows us fashion, as the 'latest thing', we want to have it.

TV has made us lazy.  It has removed our capacity for independent thinking and creativity.  It gives us false dreams, not practical, real ideas or experiences, which are valuable for our lives. 

Children and youth get 'stuck' to the TV.  They don't have time to play or meet friends, family and neighbors. 

TV Turnoff Week is a chance for us to rethink television's role in our life, and what we want our lives to be. 

During this week, we have tried to create many different spaces, where people can meet, share their thoughts, creatively express themselves, form new relationships, and understand each other.

We look forward to hearing your ideas for next year's TV Turnoff Week!  You can learn more at www.tvturnoff.org/week.htm and www.adbusters.org/campaigns/tvturnoff.htm

- Vishal (aachi8@rediffmail.com) and Sunny (mantri12@rediffmail.com)

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