Udaipur as a Learning City

Summary of Initial Perceptions/Responses

February 28, 2000

Vidhi Jain

Over the course of the past three months, I have been discussing the 'Udaipur as a Learning City' process-project with a number of people from different age groups and backgrounds to try to understand what they think about the process. I have specifically tried to delve into: How they perceive Udaipur and what is their vision for Udaipur? What they think are the major problems and the strengths of the city? What is 'learning' (as opposed to teaching) and what would they like to learn from and share with others? And how do they think this process-project should be developed?

My discussions and interactions included sharing with them some of Shikshantar's ideas and some of the invitational activities/mechanisms that have been initiated under this process-project so far. I also shared with them a copy of the questionnaire "Aaiye Udaipur Se Seekhain" and small write-ups and summary notes on this process-project. The following is the summary the major findings thus far:

Why "Udaipur as a Learning City?"

How should we develop "Udaipur as a Learning City"?

On learning and sharing together