Community Video Resource Center - Documentary Films

DOC VHS 1 Emotional Intelligence -- Daniel Goleman        
DOC VHS 2 Identity: The Construction of Selfhood         
DOC VHS 3 Knowledge Demystified: The Barefoot College        
DOC VHS 4 John Holt: A Life Worth Living        
DOC VHS 5 From the Four Directions: The Berkana Institute        
DOC VHS 6 Active Learning        
DOC VHS 7 Common Miracles: The New American Revolution in Learning        
DOC VHS 8 Another Way of Learning: There is more to school        
DOC VHS 9 L'ABC du terrain. (Non-formal Education in West Africa)        
DOC VHS 10 Calling the roll.  Study Circles for Better Schools        
DOC VHS 11 Richard Scary's Best ABC Video        
DOC VHS 12 Probe Report Discussion        
DOC VHS 13 Alternatives in Education Seminar 2003 -- WSF-Brazil        
DOC VHS 14 Manufacturing Consent.  Noam Chomsky & The Media        
DOC VHS 15 The Big One        
DOC VHS 16 Liberal Media Critique with Chomsky, Edward Said        
DOC VHS 16 bell hooks -- violence in the media        
DOC VHS 17 Facing Evil with Bill Moyer        
DOC VHS 17 Does TV Kill?        
DOC VHS 17 Deepak Chopra -- The Way of the Wizard        
DOC VHS 18 The Plot Thickens        
DOC VHS 19 Mat Baato Insaan Ko        
DOC VHS 20 Narmada.  A Valley Rises        
DOC VHS 21 A Narmada Diary        
DOC VHS 22 Endangered Planet        
DOC VHS 22 Black Rain        
DOC VHS 23 The Village Republic        
DOC VHS 24 Harvest of Rain        
DOC VHS 25 Bitter Harvest        
DOC VHS 26 Many Faces of Madness (Hindi)        
DOC VHS 27 Many Faces of Madness (English)        
DOC VHS 28 Global Village or Global Pillage?        
DOC VHS 29 Bill Moyer's World of Ideas:  The National Soul.        
DOC VHS 29 Bill Moyer's World of Ideas:  Crisis of Democracy.        
DOC VHS 29 Bill Moyer's World of Ideas:  Dissolving Boundaries.        
DOC VHS 30 Jahna Chiti ladi Haathi se (Hindi)        
DOC VHS 31 Kahankar Ahankar (English)        
DOC VHS 32 Odhni.  A Collective Exploration of Ourselves, Our Bodies        
DOC VHS 33 Lifting the Veil         
DOC VHS 34 Edward Said -- On Orientalism.  The Idea of Empire        
DOC VHS 35 Arundhati Roy's Lecture.  Hampshire College, Feb 2001        
DOC VHS 36 Baraka        
DOC VHS 37 Social Movement Discussion        
DOC VHS 38 The Life and Death of Malcolm X        
DOC VHS 38 Malcolm X        
DOC VHS 38 Muhammad Ali        
DOC VHS 39 Century of Freedom        
DOC VHS 40 Gandhi        
DOC VHS 41 Nelson Mandela        
DOC VHS 42 Genghis Blues        
DOC VHS 42 Salvador Dali        
DOC VHS 43 Salif Keita        
DOC VHS 44 Nut Cracker        
DOC VHS 44 Folk Rhythms        
DOC VHS 45 Martial Arts, Capoeira, Tae Bo, Karate, Tai Chi        
DOC VHS 46 Tai Chi for Health        
DOC VHS 46 Healing Exercises for Body, Mind, & Spirit        
DOC VHS 47 Photography 101        
DOC VHS 47 Video Guide to Basic 35mm. Photography        
DOC VHS 47 National Geographic -- the photographers        
DOC VHS 48 Origami        
DOC VHS 48 MaskMaker        
DOC VHS 48 Dream Catchers        
DOC VHS 49 Buena Vista Social Club        
DOC VHS 50 The Faith Keeper with Bill Moyer        
DOC VHS 51 Guerilla Video Primer        
DOC VHS 52 Life of Siqueizos        
DOC VHS 52 Life of Escher        
DOC VHS 52 Cartooning        
DOC VHS 53 Quest        
DOC VHS 53 Acupressure        
DOC VHS 53 Jazz        
DOC VHS 54 Eating        
DOC VHS 55 Life of Artist Georgia O'Keefe        
DOC VHS 55 Life of Artist Vincent Van Gogh        
DOC VHS 56 Aftershocks        
DOC VHS 57 Think Earth        
DOC VHS 58 Study Circles -- Volume 1        
DOC VHS 59 Amotocodie (Spanish)        
DOC VHS 60 The Dark I Must Not Name (Bhopal)        
DOC VHS 61 Yerwada Central Prison (YCP) 1997        
DOC VHS 62 Grown Without Schooling        
DOC VHS 63 God Forbid!        
DOC VHS 64 Our Dreams….When?        
DOC VHS 65 Childhood in the Midst of Mines        
DOC VHS 66 Global Banquet        
DOC VHS 67 21st Century Water        
DOC VHS 68 Activism: Changing theWorld        
DOC VHS 69 Drowned out        
DOC VHS 69 Visionaries        
DOC VHS 70 Media and Democracy        
DOC VHS 71          
DOC VHS 72          
DOC VHS 73          
DOC VHS 74          
DOC VHS 75          
DOC VCD 1 Jal Swaraj        
DOC VCD 2 Jal Yoddha         
DOC VCD 3 Bhoond Bhoond Se Gat Bhare        
DOC VCD 4 Thar Maru Bhoomi Ke Chamatkar        
DOC VCD 5 Web of Life        
DOC VCD 6 Cultural Regeneration of Our Communities        
DOC VCD 7 Pushkar        
DOC VCD 8 Pabuji ki par        
DOC VCD 9 Songs of the Banjaras        
DOC VCD 10 Mirza Ghalib 1-9        
DOC VCD 11 Mirza Ghalib 10-17        
DOC VCD 12 WTO Kills Farmers        
DOC VCD 13 Beginning Of Life (Imagine Nagaland-UNICEF)        
DOC VCD 14 Woodstock        
DOC VCD 15 IDSP        
DOC VCD 16a Final Solution -- pt1        
DOC VCD 16b Final Solution -- pt2        
DOC VCD 16c Final Solution -- pt3        
DOC VCD 17a Abhayam -- pt 1        
DOC VCD 17b Abhayam -- pt 2        
DOC VCD 18a Tibet -- Cry of the Snow lion        
DOC VCD 18b Tibet -- Cry of the Snow lion Pt2        
DOC VCD 19 Jamna Lal Bajaj Jeevani        
DOC VCD 20 Pioneers of Change -- Brazil/Freire Learning Journey        
DOC VCD 21 Satyagrah at Domkhedi        
DOC VCD 22a Global Insights Part 1        
DOC VCD 22b Global Insights Part 2        
DOC VCD 23 Jeff Barnum Three Shorts 2003        
DOC VCD 24 Fibre Glass Chair        
DOC VCD 24 Our Daily Bread        
DOC VCD 24 Glass        
DOC VCD 24 Happy Anniversary        
DOC VCD 25 Mat Baanto Insaan Ko        
DOC VCD 26 Dharmveer        
DOC VCD 27 Kanavu        
DOC VCD 27 Chaliyar        
DOC VCD 28 Where is My Friend's Home 1&2        
DOC VCD 29 Coosmic Zoom        
DOC VCD 29 Hunger        
DOC VCD 29 The Chair        
DOC VCD 30 Baba Art        
DOC VCD 31 YES! Helping Outstanding Young Leaders Build a Better World        
DOC VCD 32 To the Dream Mountain        
DOC VCD 33 The Call        
DOC VCD 34 Learning Spaces        
DOC VCD 35 Reality Framed Up        
DOC VCD 36 Fire on the Mountain        
DOC VCD 37 Let's Be Scary        
DOC VCD 38 The Festival of Ganesh        
DOC VCD 39 Patram, Pushpam, Toyam        
DOC VCD 40 Vanva!Vanva! (Marathi)        
DOC VCD 41 CSA Learning Center        
DOC VCD 42 Vikas Banduk Ki Nal Se        
DOC VCD 43 Safar - Between Two Worlds        
DOC VCD 44 Apna Vidyala - Dancers in the Sky        
DOC VCD 45 Ladies Special Mumbai Train        
DOC VCD 46 Between a Few Miles        
DOC VCD 47 Prague Anti-Globalization Protests        
DOC VCD 48 Ponga Pandit        
DOC VCD 49 Matches        
DOC VCD 50 An Actor Prepares        
DOC VCD 51 Bombay Diariy (Trains)        
DOC VCD 52 Shivers        
DOC VCD 52 Billi Ka Panja        
DOC VCD 53 Wonsanit Ashram - Sulak Sivaraska        
DOC VCD 54 Pathom Asoka Community (Thailand)        
DOC VCD 55 Arabian Nights: The Untold Stories        
DOC VCD 55 Village Walk        
DOC VCD 55 Beirut Taxi        
DOC VCD 55 Performing Identity        
DOC VCD 60 Mewari Songs        
DOC VCD 61 Vikalp - Reproductive Health        
DOC VCD 62 Colors of Devotion - Rajaram Sharma and Pichwai Art        
DOC VCD 63 Conversation with Dayalchand Soni        
DOC VCD 64 walkouts -- english subtitle        
DOC VCD 65 Lal lal Hathi        
DOC VCD 66 If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit        
DOC VCD 67 In Search of Other Worlds of Power        
DOC VCD 68 Escaping UN Declaration of Human Rights        
DOC DVD 1 Spellbound        
DOC DVD 2 Fahrenheit 9/11        
DOC DVD 3 YES Men        
DOC DVD 4 Bowling for Columbine        
DOC DVD 5 Super Size Me        
DOC DVD 6 Life and Debt        
DOC DVD 7 Colours of Earth        
DOC DVD 8 Go Further        
DOC DVD 9 What the Bleep Do We Know?        
DOC DVD 10 Budokon: Martial Arts and Yoga        
DOC DVD 11 Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch War on TV        
DOC DVD 12 The Real Dirt on Farmer John        
DOC DVD 13 Nuclear Deception        
DOC DVD 14 Powaqqatsi        
DOC DVD 15 Koyaaniqatsi        
DOC DVD 16 Naqoqatsi        
DOC DVD 17 Energia Transferidia (Mexico)        
DOC DVD 17 Nuestros Caminos (Mexico)        
DOC DVD 18 A Day Without a Mexican        
DOC DVD 19 Dussera - Burning Puppets