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Dear friend,

Over the past several years, through the Udaipur as a Learning City process, we have supported the emergence of many new learning spaces in our city.  We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our latest initiative: a community video resource center.  Through this resource center, we hope to deepen dialogue on social issues, to engage in a critical analysis of media, and to produce community media that brings out diverse voices and perspectives that are not heard in the mainstream media. There are several different aspects to our resource center, and we encourage you to take advantage of one, or all, of the offerings:


The Media Library: Our film collection currently numbers over 350 titles in English and Hindi. These include documentaries, feature films, and Shikshantar-made films. We have included a list of films with their available formats (DVD, VCD, and VHS). We also hold movie screenings cum discussion circles on a bi-weekly basis at Shikshantar. If you have missed a screening, you are welcome to schedule a time to see the film on your own. We can also procure new films as per your suggestions. 


Community Screenings. We also invite people to organize film screenings for their organizations and/or in their communities.  You can invite you who like, and Shikshantar members can provide the requested film and equipment (DVD player, projector, etc.) and can also help to co-facilitate discussions. Thus far screenings have been held at venues such as individual houses, community centers, schools, mandirs, or organization offices.   


Special Film Festivals:  We hosted a two-day film festival on “Reclaiming Our Creativity from the Readymade World” during the Holi Kala Mela in 2004.  We have prepared a two-day film festival on “Interrogating Globalization” which is also available for screening. In November 2005, we are hoping to organize a larger film festival on “Rethinking Urban Living”. It will include film screenings, discussions, workshops, and other interactive opportunities. 


Co-Learning Workshops. We also host 5-day, 8-day and 12-day workshops to strengthen our capacities to creatively and critically engage with the medium of film. These workshops are held both at the Shikshantar premises as well as at other venues around the city. Community members of all ages are welcome to participate.


Filmmaking workshops. During the workshops, you will have an opportunity to learn filmmaking basics, use a digital camcorder, make a storyboard, and create your own short films. These workshops are mostly done in small groups, so that people receive a lot of personalized attention and care in the learning process. From time to time, we invite professional filmmakers to come and share their experiences.


Critical Media Workshops. These workshops are available for bigger groups, in schools, organizations or neighborhoods.  Critical Media Awareness involves an in-depth examination of mass media.  We look at three major media – television, textbooks, and newspapers – and reflect on their messages, their sponsors, notions of ‘truth’ and ‘objectivity’, and their effects on us. There is also time to create various kinds of community media alternatives, including theatre, puppets, murals, and wallpapers. 


Production Studio:  We also want to make available our editing studio and camera equipment.  With these, community members can produce their own short video films. Priority is given to community members with limited monetary resources and to those whose videos focus on personal stories, experiences in Udaipur, or pertinent socio-cultural issues. If you do not know how to use the equipment, we can provide assistance with basic shooting and editing. We also have a small video bank so please feel free to share footage that you would like to be part of the public domain.


We ask that individuals or organizations contribute a small membership fee to the center. This initiative is being set-up without any foreign or government project funding. The one year membership fee is Rs.100 for individuals and Rs.1000 for organizations. This enables us to maintain it, as well as to continually bring in new films and offer new programs.






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Production Studio

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Participants must have completed a Shikshantar introductory video workshop or possess prior video experience.  Participants must also complete the application below.  The commitment of the editing studio is to produce videos that address issues of social justice and that provide a forum for diverse voices.  Preference is given to community members who are producing videos about peoples’ personal experience, about issues in Udaipur, or about critiques of the education or other systems.  If a candidate is selected, they are entitled to 10 free hours of editing time, and if required, use of camcorder equipment.  They will also be paired with a Shikshantar member who can provide assistance with shooting and editing.






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