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Children of the Fatehpura Learning Park, busy making gazaar ka halwa (a sweet dish made of carrots).  They built the chula (stove) themselves, brought utensils, dishes and ingredients (like sugar and raisins) from their homes and received donations of carrots and ghee (butter) from the local vegetable vendors and storeowners.  They had a great time and the food was delicious!



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Images from a neighborhood learning park in Ahimsapuri, Udaipur.  The learning park experience includes a combination of cooperative, team- and trust-building games and media creation, in the form of dances, music, theater, puppets, etc. Above, children (ages 4-14) and Shikshantar volunteers made their own puppets out of waste materials, prepared stories in small groups, built a simple stage out of bricks and cloth, and then performed their puppet shows for everyone.  In the last several months, we have facilitated neighborhood learning parks like this one, all around Udaipur, in Bhuvana, Neemach Mata, Neemach Kheda, Ganta Ghar, Sukher, Kharol Colony, and Pulla Aloo Factory.