‘Sympathetic Resistors’ Commitment Form


Day after day, we hear students exclaim, “I would love to get out of this education system!”  Kept under pressure to perform, constantly berated with punishments or manipulated by rewards, studying boring and mindless texts for years on end… it is no wonder that children want to leave schools and colleges. While many ‘educationists’ argue that this life-sucking routine is all for their good — for successful integration into the market and for getting jobs and a better standard of life — the reality is that such educational cramming turns students into duds.  Young people are made incapable of taking their lives responsibly into their own hands – since they are spoon-fed answers for the entire period of “education”.  As we all well know, learning from textbooks may produce a degree, but it does not provide any concrete experience with the real world of work or life.


Is there any alternative? Can we give our children a break, encouraging them to get out of school prison walls and try out the real world of learning and work? Here is your chance to provide some fresh answers and alternatives, as a ‘sympathetic resistor’ on the Multiversity Underground.


Deriving inspiration from the Underground Railroad of the 18th and 19th century, the Multiversity Underground is an effort to enable escapes from mental slavery.  It brings together ‘sympathetic resistors’ – like yourself – with ‘freedom seekers’ – young people from around the country.  Being on the Underground is their opportunity to work with dynamic individuals who have done extraordinary work in their lives: people like you.  Here is your chance to share your ideas, work, hopes and lifelong learnings with enthusiastic ‘freedom seekers’.  The applicants to this programme all vary in their backgrounds and interests, but all wish to get an opportunity to understand themselves and their world, outside of the tyranny of schools, colleges and other institutions of thought-control.


They will work as fellow travelers alongside you, learning from your experience, expertise and talent, and sharing their questions, curiosities and dreams.  As their special mentor, we ask that you work with them to design a meaningful co-learning experience together – something of mutual benefit to you and them.  This can occur in detail, once the match is made between the ‘freedom seeker’ and yourself, but it is this process that we ask for your commitment to. 


Also, we ask that you offer a six-month opportunity, with the option to renew, if you both are finding the experience enjoyable.  If this time frame is difficult for you, please suggest other possibilities.


If you like the idea of being a sympathetic resistor on the Underground, please fill out the following form, and return it to <> as soon as possible. We would like to include you in a forthcoming issue of our newsletter, Kamiriithu, and in our Multiworld Underground Database.  We will then contact you, as young people apply to join on the Underground with you.  (Note: You will always retain the right to accept or reject who you like.)



Contact Information



Organizational Affiliation (if any):




If available -

Telephone:                                                        Fax:


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Joining the Underground…

1)       Can you please describe (in brief) the work you do?




2)       If you were to host a freedom seeker, what would you like he/she to do with you? (specific tasks or projects, for example). What would he/she expect to learn from their period with you?





3)       What are particular talents/skills this young person should have to work well with you?  (specifically, indicate any language requirements):




4)       As a sympathetic resistor, what kinds of skills/talents would you help to nurture in a freedom seeker?




5)       Why would you like to join the Underground?  How do you think it relates to your work and life?




Logistical Information


1)       How does one get to your place?       By plane/train/bus/auto?



2)       How many freedom seekers could you host at one time?    1      2       3       _____ (fill in)­­­



3)       What kind of arrangements could you make for:


Travel?  (to and from your location)









Would they have to pay for all the above?       YES  /  NO       

Or could you manage their expense?  YES  /  NO

If they need to pay, how much would it be per month (approximately)?




4)       Do you recommend that they bring any specific materials with them? (i.e., bedding, work clothes, warm clothes, insect protection, etc.)




5)       Do you have a certain schedule that you would like the freedom seeker to know about?



Thank you again for your work, your life, and your willingness to support young people to take their learning — and their lives — back into their own hands. 


Claude Alvares

Multiversity India Coordinator