Businesses We Believe In


The next Swapathgami – Walkouts-Walkons gathering will be an intergenerational exchange on ‘Business We Believe In’.  This would bring together young people interested in starting their own businesses, with those who have begun businesses in diverse fields: organic foods, artisan crafts, publishing, restaurants, consulting, and more... 


What sets these businesses (and their founders) apart is their commitment to both challenge the violence, exploitation and injustice prevalent today, as well as to regenerate a more healthy, balanced and honest world.  They serve as examples of how ‘walking out and walking on’ can be possible, even as we earn what we need to stand on our own feet.  The integrity and truthfulness of such work — especially in this day of cutthroat competition and insatiable greed — makes it inspiring for swapathgamis.


We anticipate holding this gathering in March 31-April 3, 2005, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  About 12-15 entrepreneurs, as well as about 15-20 younger swapathgamis, will attend the gathering. 


The gathering would have multiple dimensions.  First, we hope to share stories of starting up such businesses: the challenges and opportunities.  We also want to include some support in practical skills – like setting up a space (office or shop), nurturing a team, managing money/accounts, etc.  During the gathering, we will also give people a chance to share their business proposals and form useful contacts with more experienced friends. 


We would also take the time to explore issues and possibilities like local currencies, fair trade, real needs and voluntary simplicity, redefining our relationship to the market, etc.   And, of course, as with all Swapathgami gatherings, there would be an emphasis on sharing and exploring all parts of the self, our different interests, talents, dreams and experiences. 


We hope to explore questions like:

-         What are our passions, talents and inner convictions?

-         What are the current needs and interests of the community we live in?

-         What kind of business would serve our communities in the long term, to enhance its well-being, to recover its balance, and to contribute to greater justice?

-         What are the tools and resources we can share to start such a business?



If you are interested in being a part of this gathering, or have suggestions for others to include, please contact Shilpa Jain at <>