Swaraj University, Shikshantar and the Swapathgami Network have all teamed up to support the Year On Campaign! We are inviting students in class 5, class 8, class 10, and class 12, to take a year on -- by taking a year off of school and pursuing their own learning interests and taking their own learning journeys!
Check out the Year On blog!
Leading educationists, like Dr. Satish Inamdar of the Krishnamurti Rishi Valley School, advocate for a Year On!
Here is a poster to share the campaign with others: Poster 1 More will be coming soon!
Check out these inspiring examples of what you can do with your Year On:
No Impact Man
Walking the World for Peace
The Leapyear Project
Year of Exploration
Write to Manish Jain to learn more about how you can join the campaign and help spread the word!


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