Learning Cities and Regions are now seen to be a key component of the regeneration not only of Europe, but also of many countries around the world. Lifelong Learning is here to stay at local, regional, national and international level. But what do the stakeholders in the city and region say? How can the learning city and region energise and mobilise the ideas, skills, knowledge and talents of people in the schools, adult education institutions, companies, cultural and voluntary organisations, the city and regional administrations and the citizens themselves in order to build learning cities and regions that will serve, motivate and make prosperous the whole community? What’s in it for them? What’s in it for us all?


This Festival brings together decision makers and professionals from Learning Cities world-wide to debate, inform, exchange ideas, expertise and knowledge on the nature and practice of the learning city and region. We are moving on from the basics into the practicalities of constructing a real and vibrant Learning City and Region. Practitioners and Experts from Australasia, Asia, North America and Europe will proclaim their experience and engage those lucky enough to attend in hot debate about issues that affect us all. But in reality this will be everyone’s Festival. Everyone will participate; everyone will learn; everyone will be inspired.


There is something here for everyone. Hear about the latest projects, networks and initiatives –

Ø      PALLACE, a pioneering initiative linking stakeholders in four continents and involving schools, adult colleges, councillors and cultural services in cooperative projects to build the learning city.

Ø      NewTELS, building on the TELS Learning Cities Audit Tool to establish Learning City networks in each European country,

Ø      LILLIPUT, creating new lifelong learning materials for practitioners in all parts of the Learning City and Region.

Ø      INDICATORS, developing monitoring and measurement tools and indicators for improving Learning Community performance

Ø      WILL a global lifelong learning network of Learning Cities, Regions and Organisations

Ø       and many more. Contribute your own experience and ideas in a glorious melange of creative interactivity.


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This is more than a conference - it is a celebration of the Learning City, the Learning Town and the Learning Region. This festival shares insights and new knowledge with and between delegates and moves on into the creation of a European and Global communities of Learning Communities, sharing with each other and with experts their ideas, opinions and experiences. 


At the conference delegates will


1. Be inspired to improve the performance of their communities as ‘Cities, Towns  and Regions of Learning’ ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century for prosperity, social stability and the development of their citizens.


2. Explore in a practical way the imaginative ways in which partnerships between the stakeholders in a city, town and region can create the essential dynamic to add vital new resource into the creation of learning cities, towns and regions


3. Learn about the exciting and creative projects and networks that are already pushing back the frontiers of what we know about learning cities and regions and how they serve the needs of their citizens. PALLACE, LILLIPUT, NewTELS, INDICATORS, WILL


3. Gain new Vision and Insights - through the frequent exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise with delegates from other cities and towns throughout the world,


4. Participate – join in the fun of contributing to, and learning from, others at a festival where everyone’s opinion and experience matter


5. Establish permanent, profitable and productive relationships with other cities and regions through networks at both European and Global levels.


This is a sharing festival. At least 50% of the time will be spent in workshops, creative discussion sessions and practical activities.  Where numbers permit these will be in own language


Can your city afford NOT to be there? There is so much to gain


Who will benefit from investing time in this Festival of the Learning City?


Everyone who attends will benefit. The following will find it of particular fascination and profit


Eager Elected Representatives with the vision to improve the Lifelong Learning performance of their cities and towns


Decisive Directors of Education and their staff with the creativity to make Lifelong Learning a reality in their own learning city or town


Discerning Decision Makers in Business and Industry with the acumen to contribute to the wealth creation possibilities of Learning Cities and Towns.


Dedicated Developers of Cities and Regions with the determination to transform their territory into a world-class space   


Active Administrators and staff from Universities, Schools and Adult Education with the imagination to play their part in the development of communities and community structures


Persuasive Professionals in National and Local Government with the dynamism to implement a lifelong learning future for their learning cities and towns


Visionary Voluntary and Community Workers with the zeal to improve learning in order to develop more fulfilled people and greater social stability


Imaginative innovators from learning and skills partnerships with the eagerness to give a practical local, national and international focus to their activities


Vital, vibrant and vigorous people from all sectors of city life who want to change the future to one of hope and anticipation, employability, the fulfilment of human potential and contribution.


EDINBURGH, 17-20 September 2003



To Helen Crocker, Napier University, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh EH10

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The cost has been kept down to the minimum. Can any Town, City or Region concerned with the development of its human, social and economic capital afford not to attend this significant, vibrant and vital event? This is an investment in your city’s and region’s future

The Programme includes


Inspiring Speakers, Ministers, Practitioners, Managers, Mayors, Leaders and Citizens from all corners of the globe


Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Education (tbc)

Professor Denis Ralph, the inspiration behind South Australia’s progress into a ‘State of Learning’

Professor Norman Longworth, author of ‘Learning Cities for a Learning Century’

Alan Smith, the eminence grise behind the European Commission’s R3L programme

Sylvia Lee, President of the World Initiative on Lifelong Learning, Edmonton, Canada

Catherine Wang Yan, Deputy Director of BAES, Beijing’s Learning City driver

Alain Bournazel, President of Centre de Formation des Elus, France

Ron McDowall and Vicky Adin, the brains behind Papakura Learning City Trust, New Zealand

Ray Harris, Vice-President of Edinburgh’s Learning City Enterprise

Professor Sam Allwinkle, the live wire behind the European Commission’s Lilliput Project 

Peter Finnegan, Dublin’s Developmental Dynamo

Dr Janelle Allison, Queensland’s Queen of the Learning Community

Kriistina Santala, Espoo’s Enterprising Entrepreneur

And many others


Imaginative and original topics and subjects on all aspects of the Learning City and Region


Ø      Linking Schools and Adult Education in Learning Cities and Regions around the World

Ø      Using Museums, Theatres and Libraries to propagate Lifelong Learning in the Community

Ø      Lifelong Learning for Councillors and Professionals in Learning Cities and Regions

Ø      Building Lifelong Learning into the environment

Ø      Mobilising Community Resources - Active Citizenship and Volunteering 

Ø      Indicators for measuring and monitoring a Learning City

Ø      The role of Universities in building the Learning City and Region

Ø      Learning City Research and Studies. – what we know, what we don’t know

Ø      Business and Industry and the Learning City – a win-win partnership

Ø      Technology activating the Learning City and Region

Ø      The Power of Partnerships in the Learning City and Region

Ø      LILLIPUT – developing new materials for Learning Cities and Regions 

Ø      Learning City and Region Networks – doing it together

Ø      Cities and Citizens – cascading Leadership through the Learning City

And topics chosen by the delegates themselves

….And innumerable Case Studies of Good Practice and delegate contributions. A feast of learning



Incredible discourse, intercourse, discussion and interaction


ü      Creative Discussion Sessions

ü      Brainstorms

ü      Panel Sessions

ü      Information and Ideas exchanges

ü      Exhibitions

ü      Poster Sessions

ü      Visits to key Learning City sites

ü      Receptions and Dinners


Every Town, City and Region, and every organisation with the spirit of true learning at its heart will want to be a part of this momentous and monumental Festival of Learning. It can change the way you think and do.