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The Swaraj Foundation

"Hind Swaraj is principally a fervent moral plea by Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) to all Indians to reflect deeply both on their morality and that of the economic, political and social institutions that they wish to set up."                                   

          ~ Vivek Pinto, Gandhi's Vision and Values

"Hind Swaraj is a wake-up call to decolonize our selves as well as a compass to help us find our way back home. The metaphor of doctors, lawyers and railroads needs to be understood more deeply. Every vibrant civilization needs to ask itself: what is our conception of health, spirit and nature?; what is our conception of justice; what is our conception of technology and the human body; and what is our conception of wisdom and learning. It is an invitation to step out of the dominant story of freedom, hope and power."

                                                 ~ Manish Jain

"The key to understand that incredibly simple (so simple as to be regarded foolish) booklet [Hind Swaraj] is to realise that it is not an attempt to go back to the so-called ignorant, dark ages. But it is an attempt to see beauty in voluntary simplicity, voluntary poverty and slowness." 

                                               ~Ajay Nigam

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